Brown Sugar Human Hair Mix Whole Lace Front Wig BS405

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Brown Sugar Human Hair Mix Whole Lace Front Wig BS405

MATERIAL: Human Hair Mix
TYPE: Whole Lace Front Wig
LENGTH: Extra Long

  • Human Hair Mix
  • Hand-Tied
  • Whole Lace
  • Lace Front
  • Skin Friendly
  • Naturally Soft & Comfortable
"Secure Styling Versatility with Natural Flexibility"

Brown Sugar Whole Lace Wig is 100% Individually hand-tied strand by strand for the most natural look and feel! No tracks whatsoever so you can enjoy the benefits of full lace coverage with maximum comfort and an undetectable hairline. Brown Sugar Whole Lace is constructed into a stretchable ultra feather light unit with combs and an adjustable strap for additional security. Unlike other lace units, Brown Sugar Whole Lace provides extra flexibility and versatility for a more natural movement with full body and volume! Brown Sugar's unique premium quality hand-tied lace gives you the opportunity to style freely with full ventilation for natural parting lines and great up-do styling! Taste the best in whole lace, feel confident, feel secure in "Styling Versatility with Natural Flexibility"!

  • Deep Natural Partings
  • Left/Right/Middle/ZIGZAG Parting with a variety of STYLES
  • NO TRACKS, 100% Individually Full Hand-Tied Wig
  • Soft, ultra feather light Premium Whole Lace Wig
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Undetectable Hairline
  • Full Body and Volume
  • Flexible partings & manageability
  • Full Ventilation
  • Easy Styling & versatility
How To Apply Lace Front Wigs
Step 1
Prepare your hair by laying it down as flat as possible and apply as a wig cap.

Step 2
Secure lace front wig a long hairline. Trim lace around front to your hair line.

Step 3
(For Tape) Apply two sided tape to front of hair line and temples.
(For Glue) Apply glue to front perimeter of hair line and perimeter of wig and wait for glue to get tacky.

Step 4
Press down the lace part onto the tape or glue area from one side to the other. Apply Make-Up to the lace by blending it to create a flawless look.

How to Remove Lace Front Wigs
For Tape: Gently remove the lace part. Cleanse face as normal.
For Glue: Follow manufacturer's direction for removal.

Human hairstyleMix®
Our exclusive Human hairstyleMix® line comprises 100% Human Hair blended with proprietary synthetic texture, giving you the look of natural hair combined with the volume and control of the latest hair technology. With Human hairstyleMix®, you get the best of both worlds: the look of 100% Human Hair along with the styling manageability of high tech fibers.
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